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11 Fun Wine Facts – Quick List

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It’s estimated that worldwide people consume around 4 billion glasses of alcohol each year.

Drinking a glass of sparkling wine, whether red or white, is something that people have done since the beginning of time and yet what many do not realize is that each glass of wine is a product with a rich background and a scientific basis!

If you think that you know everything you need in the world of this drink consider rethinking your assumptions. We’ve come up with the top 11 interesting wine facts for your reading pleasure. Some of them might be surprising you!

Are you looking for ways to have a glass of wine at your own home?  Look over this article which provides some fantastic ideas about how to enjoy wine and make the most of it!

From serving Kings during medieval times to helping your brain function and boosting your metabolism, wine has more to offer than you may believe. So, pour a glass and toast this fascinating information about this delicious drink.

Wine Facts Bottle and Cheese

One of the Best Wine Facts


Antioxidants are compounds that are found within the body. Certain foods contain antioxidants that help shield your cells from being damaged. The antioxidants can also be found in many red wines so drinking a glass of wine following work can benefit you.

The antioxidants count in the most healthful wines is the equivalent of seven glasses of juice orange or twenty glasses of apple juice!

Oldest Wine Cellar in the World

The oldest wine cellar in the world is located in the remains of the Titanic, located 13,000 feet beneath the Atlantic ocean.

Nearly 12,000 bottles of wine were transported aboard the Titanic when it was sunk into the depths of the ocean in 1912. It’s amazing that the majority of these bottles are still on the seafloor and are intact and with corks in their original place.


Oenophobia is the fear of Wine. It’s hard to believe, but for certain individuals, getting in contact with wine may trigger terrifying fear.

Oenophobics frequently experience extreme anxiety. They also exhibit uncontrollable behavior when they look at or even consider things like spilled wine, wine bottles, or any other triggers related to wine.

Long Time Drinking

 We’ve been drinking wine for the past 9,000 years

The oldest wine was discovered as far back as 7,700 B.C., meaning that humans were drinking wine for around nine thousand years! The ancient drink was discovered on pottery shards in Central China and, when examined it was a mixture of rice wine and honey.

The vineyards of the Middle East were also starting to sprout around the same time And from there, the wine industry began to spread across the world.

While the world of wine has changed in the past but it’s evident that we’ll continue to drink wine for a long time to be. It’s not a surprise that after tasting the first drop of fermented nectar we fell in love!

Young Wine

 Younger Wine Is Healthier

While there are health benefits for every type of wine, young wines are healthier than wine that is older.

If you’re seeking benefits to your health, a wine that is older isn’t always the most beneficial wine. The wine that is younger has greater amounts of tannin which is a polyphenol that’s natural and acts as an antioxidant within your body!

Red wines that are young and fresh tend to be among the highest in tannin.

Baking With Wine

It’s a great ingredient to bake with.

It’s common knowledge to cook using wine But did you know that you can bake with it too? It’s just as good as it does!

A popular drink-dessert that is drunkenly consumed is red wine-flavored brownies that involve soaking cranberries in red wine before adding them to the brownie batter. After baking to perfection the brownies are exactly the perfect amount of wine flavoring that makes it difficult to not eat these delicious desserts!

Mental Sharpness

It’s a Brain Boost

Possibly the king of all wine facts: drinking wine makes you more intelligent!

Maybe not, however, research has proven that wine connoisseurs have bigger brains that are more developed. It’s even been established that wine drinkers who have a habit of drinking regularly have higher cognitive capabilities!

In the year 2018, a Rochester study showed that even low levels of drinking wine can reduce nerve inflammation, and help flush out toxins.

If that’s not enough to just sip a glass it is important to be aware that some of the characteristics of the wine are capable of reducing the chance of cognitive decline as well as reducing the risk of stroke.

Wine Facts Holding Glass Correctly
Wine Facts Hold Your Glass Correctly

Hold Your Glass Correctly

There’s a Bad Way for you to drink wine

To avoid appearing uninformed at your next dinner gathering, make sure that you keep the wine glass by the stem using your fingers. Be careful, and don’t allow your fingers to touch the light source or you’ll be warming the wine.

Securing the glass to the stem can make it simpler to stir the drink which means you’ll be able to appreciate the scent better as well! There’s the correct method!

The Catholic State Loves Wine

Vatican City Drinks the Most Wine

On average, residents from Vatican City drink 74 liters of wine (about 100 bottles) per year. That’s per person! This is what makes Vatican City wine’s top consumer because it consumes the highest amount of wine consumed per capita than any elsewhere in the world.

This is double how much wine is consumed for each person living throughout France or Italy and doubles the quantity that is consumed by people in The United Kingdom!

Store Wine Correctly

You’ve observed how wine cellars and racks are designed to ensure that wine is stored on the side. But do you know the reason behind it?

It’s not just for aesthetics! It is important to store wine on its sides to ensure that the corks aren’t dried out and fall onto the wine bottle causing it to turn bad. When it is flipped sideways, the liquid gets into contact with the cork, keeping it moist enough that it keeps its shape and remains in the correct position.

Ancient Medicine

Hippocrates used wine to treat Patients

Hippocrates also known as the “father of medicine” frequently recommended wine as a treatment for the majority of clients. He recommended it to patients for treating the pain of labor, diarrhea, as well as other illnesses, and he even noted that it reduced fevers.

Wine Down

Pour a glass of your preferred red or white wine and say a cheer to this interesting information about wine! You may find yourself enjoying the wine you drink more after you’ve learned the facts!

Did these wine facts surprise you? If so, be sure to browse these other intriguing posts about wine and expand your knowledge!

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White Wine Facts Infographic

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